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Orderimp is a simple solution for importing your historical or multi-channel orders into Shopify. Bulk import over a million orders into Shopify and easily transition from any shopping cart. Orderimp was designed to be a reliable, quick, and affordable solution for importing your Shopify orders. We hope this can help avoid the same frustration and expense we experienced ourselves importing over 250,000 orders into our own Shopify store.

Import your entire order history when migrating to Shopify

There is no limit to the amount of orders you import using Orderimp. Easily access order information right within Shopify, and avoid having to look back at your old cart platform.

Auto-Populate Your Customer Profiles

Automatically create customer accounts and update existing ones. Provide your customers a seamless transition. Auto-populate customer information such as: Total $ spent, # of orders, etc.

Get the Most Out of Shopify Apps & Campaigns

Hit the ground running with most apps already recognizing best sellers and customer spending trends based on your historical order history! Without having your full customer base you are missing out on huge portion of sales from those channels.

Why Choose Kloe?

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Outlaw specializes in makeup artistry and eyelash extensions. All of our products and services are geared to last and are HD and camera ready.

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Power Edit

Amazing feature for making changes to multiple products. Do away with manually clicking each product, with Power Edit you can select as many products as needed and update any Shopify field with just a few clicks. No more scrolling endlessly through each shopify product page, just 2 fine the field you need. Perform bulk edits to prices, categories, anything you want!

Global Power Edit

Our Global Power Editor goes one step further allowing you to make bulk changes to products all in one click. Simple select the products you need to edit using our advanced filters, choose the fields to edit, enter your changes and click save. Just like that thousands of products can be updated all at once. Edit ANY Shopify field.

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Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Orderimp was designed to be universal application. Simply import your spreadsheet, map the columns, and Import!


Upload a CSV or Excel File


Map Your files coloumns to Shopify's data


Import Your Orders into Shopify. Validation to skip duplicate orders and mismatched data.


Power Search

You have 5,00 SKU's in your store. You need to update the description of one drill. We make it easy to find just the record you are looking for. You can search through the names, SKUs, product descriptions, etc. in your store to find that one product you need.

Advanced conditional filters allow you to narrow down your search like never before!

Why Orderimp?

We are the only self-managed solution for bulk importing your orders into Shopify. Our team developed Orderimp after a painstaking process of importing over 250,000 orders when we made the transition over to Shopify.

Our only option was to create a costly, custom solution to import our orders. The process was long and resulted in a lot of errors and lost time.

In order to make this process easier for other merchants, we decided to create Orderimp as an affordable and reliable tool for importing orders into Shopify.

Common Questions

No. Orderimp will never trigger emails to your customers.
No. Orderimp will check for duplicate orders in your import file and in Shopify. Orders that already exist in Shopify will be skipped.
No. Orderimp will notify you of orders that could not be imported, and tell you exactly what needs to be fixed for them to import.

Import & Export Product Data

You've got a thousand products stored in an offline database. Re-keying those products into your online store could take a lot of time--and money. We make it easy to get those products into your store. Simply save the products in tab-delimited file (any database or spreadsheet will do this), and use our upload wizard to import the data into your store. Within a few minutes, a thousand products are part of your online store.

Save your uploads as "Pre-sets" to import data anytime with just a few clicks. Export your shopify products into your custom made templates. Choose what fields you need and export.

  • Import / Export Templates
  • Bulk Edit & Power Add
  • Sync with Your Shopify Store
  • Automate your Feeds & Inventory Data

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Orderimp was designed to be universal application. Simply import your spreadsheet, map the columns, and Import!



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