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iWalletz is a truley univeral platform Designed to take away the restrictions and barriers we face with typical payment platforms. Now you can easily transfer money with friends, pay merchants, and more! Manage your finances your way!

  • Same Day Bank Transfers!
  • Universal Payment Platform.
  • Deposit, Withdrawl, Transfer, Wallet.
  • Over 150+ Crypto Tools & Resources.
Purchase Security

We will refund your money if after payment you do not receive the declared goods / service

Simple API

Receive instant notification of the status and payment options on your server

24/7 Support

Polite and qualified support staff are ready to resolve any of your questions


Banking Done Right...Your Way!

Your client will be able to replenish the wallet in any currency, and through several payment gateways. The funds can be keeping on the wallet balance, exchanging for other internal currencies, and also withdrawal in third-party payment services, for example PayPal.

Money transfers

Receive and send money instantly to any country in the world

Currency Exchange

Advantageous rate of currency purchase and sale - instant exchange in your account

Simple deposit and withdrawal

It's easy to replenish your wallet and withdraw money using popular methods

Receiving payments

Accept payments on your site and get instant refund in your wallet

Payment Request

Send invoices for payment to your customers by email directly from your account

SMS Notifications

Free sms messages allow you to keep abreast of all operations in your wallet

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